Lantana provides water delivery for F1 guests

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Lantana is gearing up to provide water delivery services to our guests enjoying the F1 event in November.  Lantana has a stainless steel tank on its’ primary water truck and will provide RV park water supply to temporary sites that week.   Meanwhile, Lantana will deliver water to swimming pools and water storage tanks throughout town. RV parks and landlords throughout the town will use more water than normal and Lantana will deliver potable bulk water to Elroy, Cedar Creek, Bastrop, and the surrounding areas.

Wineries benefit from rainwater harvesting

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Lantana offers water delivery in Austin, Marble Falls, and the surrounding area.  Furthermore, Lantana provides rainwater for thirsty lawns, wineries, and nurseries.

The Red Caboose winery is Meridian, Texas, is a good example of how rainwater harvesting is used for better grapes, fire protection, and well water conservation.   Lantana does  not provide this water to the winery, but appreciates the proactive efforts set forth by these folks.

Lakeway sets example of irrigation schedules

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The city of Lakeway, amongst other central Texas communities, requires a common sense schedule for irrigating.

For water delivery in Austin and surrounding areas, remember to water before 10 a.m. or after 7 p.m. for maximum water retention and benefit.  Lantana also offers irrigation services using rainwater.  This can be done on any day despite city restrictions.  However, Lantana attempts to water at the most beneficial times of the day.


25 Water Saving Tips

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Saving water saves money.  Lantana Water often delivers water to customers who rely solely on our services.  These customers are the first to realize that conserving water results in less deliveries and increased savings. Water conservation doesn’t have to mean a compromise in lifestyle.  Conservation arguably enhances a lifestyle.

The link below describes the drought permeating throughout the US and ways we can thwart the effects through smarter living.


Lantana Water brings relief to dry wells in Spicewood

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Lantana Water has responded this summer to thirsty landowners and livestock in the Spicewood and Marble Falls areas.  As wells begin to produce much less water than ever before, water delivery to the area is becoming the only option for immediate relief.

Beyond hauling water to these locations, Lantana recommends integrating a rain water harvesting system to any rain gutters attached to buildings on the property.  A 1 inch rain will capture approximately 600 gallons for every 1000 square feet of roof.